Featured Videos

Powder Duck Studios Teaser

A short flick from PDS to get excited about the videos to come in the next few months!

The O in Skiing

Our Film Festival entry, “The O in Skiing”, depicts the weekend lives of two University of Oregon students who make a journey to Mt. Hood Meadows, every single weekend, where they ski their hearts out until their legs turn to Jello.

Spring Break 2013

This film was entered in the University of Oregon Outdoor Program Media contest and quite obviously was filmed during the University’s Spring break.

Spring Whiteout at Mt. Bachelor

A quick short edit I made to supplement a conditions report on SnowBrains.

Portillo Big Mountain Telemark Camp 2013

This short edit is a mid week look at the 2013 Portillo Big Mountain Telemark camp that captures both the skiing and the spirit of the group.

The Portillo Big Mtn Telemark camp is one experience I will absolutely never forget.  In fact, attending this last Summer’s session has made me vow to return to the Andes at least once again, but hopefully many times.  The trip has also motivated me to learn Spanish… Thankfully I have two more years of college before I’ll have to do it on my own.


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