Mt. Bachelor Conditions Report 12/19/13 Photo & Video

Upon arriving to Mt. Bachelor at 9:30am, it seemed like the day would be a partly cloudy and beautiful day with glimpses of Broken Top and the Three Sisters through the wispy clouds.  An hour into skiing, however, the weather turned for the worse socking the mountain into a blistery white out.DCIM100GOPRO


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The white out was only affecting the skiing near the top of Pine Marten Express and Skyliner Express, but it was a bummer that the day started out so beautiful and became… not so beautiful. 


In terms of snow conditions, off piste was icy, bumpy and hard all around the resort. Groomers however were fantastic.  It was firm enough to send you absolutely ripping down the mountainside, yet soft enough to set that edge and make some giant arcing turns at speed.


Bachelor has a few parks set up mainly with boxes, rails, and other features.  There is however ONE jump, a single jump; the loneliest jump in the world.  Considering the snow coverage over the lower mountain, this is actually quite awesome, for it’s not a bad medium sized jump.


By the end of the day it began to snow.  Nothing more than a light dusting, but it collected throughout the night into a couple inches. Anything helps.



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